The Other Log Driver’s Song!

Last Updated on: 1st January 2022, 04:40 pm

When Steve wrote about the Log Driver’s Waltz, I kept saying to him that that’s not the log driver’s song I remember. And today, Google has told me that I am in fact not nuts. There’s another one, specific to the Ottawa Valley.

Oh yes…that’s the one. Hmmm…I’m getting a flow of memories…of me being an obnoxious little brat and getting told to shut up by my brother and sister for singing this too much…especially in the car. Did I sing this song on a loop on the way home from night skiing? I think every time we drove by anything that had the name Portage in it, I would start to sing about “In Portage Du Fort, we’ll stop for a quart…” every…single…time! I have to say in hindsight that I agree with my brother and sister. I should have shut up. But the song exists!

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