Cart2Curb Has Been Good2Me

Last Updated on: 3rd January 2022, 11:11 am

I discovered something that can hopefully get me out of a bind if I remember it’s here, and if it stays around of course.

I was playing around on You Gotta Shop Here to figure out how it worked, and stumbled across Cart2Curb, a delivery service that serves the region and Guelph too. They’re like InstaCart, but without needing to have restrictive partnerships with stores. And heck, if you want, they’ll go through the store with you while on Zoom or Skype or whatever so you can see what’s going into your cart. I don’t know how well that works, I’ve never tried it and stores can have kind of bad connectivity, but the idea is neat.

I have used it once so far for something kind of unconventional. I had just taken Tansy to the vet for something. They are a bit far from here, so it was a big cab ride. I had ordered some fish oil pills for her, and usually they deliver them to me, but this time they couldn’t. Of course, the pills arrived the same day I had been to the vet, but after we got back home. There was no way I was going to cab there and back, again, so I thought I’d give Cart2Curb a try.

I think you’re supposed to make your delivery order on the website, but I gave them a call because I had called them before while trying to set up my account and stuff, and I thought since this was an unconventional request, I would just call and ask how we could do it. I think I scared the poor guy when I said that I wondered if they’d pick something up for me from Buck Animal Hospital. “So…is it an animal?” he asked. We both had a good laugh when I said it was pills. But they did it. I paid the vet and then just paid the delivery fee from Cart2Curb which was about $12.50, much less than it would have been in a cab. Here’s their FAQ.

They have some partners, but they’re not restricted to those partners at all. It just lets you pick from lists of products and makes your order process easier. But you can make custom orders too. For the moment, their partner logos are in a bit of an image jumble, but I told them about the problem and they said they would fix it soon. They really want to make this work for everybody. When I first reached out to them, they were willing to have me come on a Zoom call with their developers and show the issues I was having while signing up. I didn’t end up doing it, but I’m sure they would be open to feedback. They really seem like nice people.

So, if you live in the area, give them a try! I want Cart2Curb to do well!

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