You Poor Sap…

I don’t know how Tansy did it, but over the holidays, she got some kind of tree sap-like gunk in her fur. I didn’t notice it until we got home, but boy did it look stuck. Even the thought of trying to brush it out gave me the shivers because of how sticky and tangly and…entrenched it was.

I thought back to when Tansy got gum stuck in her paw, and wondered if peanut butter would work on this, although the thought of putting peanut butter on her fur made me go yarf.

It turns out it will, if it’s the right kind and doesn’t have any of that dog-killing xylitol crap in it. It also has to be smooth, just so you don’t end up picking peanut bits out of her fur instead. But what I learned also works is a hair dryer on the lowest setting. Then once it’s softened up, I could just sort of comb it out. Yea! It was only a small amount, so I just gave it the hair dryer treatment and groomed her and I think it’s gone. I saw a few little hunks of crusty fur come out and I didn’t see so much sap. Shmans, how do you end up in these situations?

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