How Many Stacey Champions Could There Be? Well, At Least Two.

Last Updated on: 19th October 2018, 12:40 pm

Not the Stacey Champion who mailed a dog
We have a twist on the puppy in the mail story. It looks like there’s more than one Stacey Champion, and the wrong one is getting hate mailed off the earth. What really sucks is they both spell their names the same, both are the same age, and both have a connection to Minneapolis. But the one getting all the hate mail lives in Arizona, and didn’t mail the puppy! She just adopted a puppy, though, and owns a business and doesn’t need people boycotting it because they think she’s the puppy-mailing demon woman. Someone even somehow linked her Facebook profile to the puppy-mailing story, and she had to change her name on Facebook to “Stacey ‘nopuppymailing’ Champion.”

here’s a video showing what kinds of emails she’s been getting.

This is why mindless vigilantiism isn’t good. You feel good. You feel like you’ve done something, and you have. But is it the right thing?

Now all we need is a picture of the Stacey Champion who *did* try to mail a puppy. Then we could show who was who.

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