Wordle In The 80s

I’m sure there are some sight gags I’m missing here, but I filled that void by unconsciously figuring out the sounds for correct and incorrect letters like I did when I used to do my best to play games as a kid.

And I knew exactly where the share thing was going, but it was no less satisfying when it got there.

By the way, stop whining that the game is too hard. Every word since the NYT takeover has absolutely been a word. Besides, where’s the fun in a game you can always easily win? That it can be difficult is precisely why the ones you crush in 2 or 3 guesses feel so good. If the game is making you think you’re not as smart as you thought you were, that’s not the game’s fault.

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  1. I’ve never lost a Wordle and I started playing before New York Times took over. Whiners! The one I did lose was Canuckle, the Canadian-themed Wordle. The one time I didn’t check the spelling of “Banff”.

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