Now We Know Why His Brain Isn’t Growing

I’m not sure this is the stupidest media interview I’ve ever seen, but it’s up there. It definitely gets credit for packing a whole lot of dipshit into slightly less than a minute. Holy Christ.

Graham was speaking with Insulate Britain climate activist Cameron Ford, and started the interview by referencing the group’s tactic of glueing themselves to motorways.

He asked Mr Ford: “What are you glued to today?”
To which he replied: “Just your screen today, unfortunately.”
Graham then asked Mr Ford what he does for a living, and he responded that he is a carpenter, working with timber which he called “a much more sustainable material rather than concrete”.
Graham said: “So you work with trees that are being cut down then, don’t you?” and questioned how it was sustainable to be killing trees.
To which Mr Ford calmly explained that trees can be replanted.
Graham then asked: “You can grow all sorts of things can’t you?”
And Mr Ford replied: “Well, you can’t grow concrete.”
Before Graham’s puzzling response: “Yeah, you can.”
Mr Ford shook his head but did not say anything, seemingly waiting for the next question.
After a few seconds Graham simply said “see you Cameron, cheerio” and ended the interview.
He then turned back to the main camera and said: “That was Cameron. He grows trees, then cuts them down and then makes things from them. Brilliant. Marvellous. I don’t think I ever want to talk to any of those people.”

I can’t imagine what the next question might have been.

Silence was definitely the best answer, Cameron. There are levels of dumb that simply cannot be reasoned with and sometimes you’ve got to know when to bow out. I myself had to do that very thing the other day when someone tried to explain to me that there is no such thing as a collective, only individuals that do things in groups. Yes, this person supported the anti-vax truckers that held the country hostage for a month. How did you guess?

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