That’s Not Going To Help

According to an arrest affidavit, Lankford and the 50-year-old victim were arguing about the “cleanliness of the house” when Lankford “became upset” and “threw two tacos from the dining room.”
The tacos struck the victim in the head as she was sitting on a couch. When cops arrived at the home in Largo, “the victim had food debris all around her on the couch and on the back of her shirt,” a police officer noted.
Cops say Lankford admitted to the taco tossing, but said she did it out of frustration and did not mean to strike her mother.

The rest of the story is here.

The obvious question, or at least what I think is the obvious question, is who was on which side of the argument? It would be simple to assume that mom was the one advocating for a cleaner existence because mom’s tend to do that sort of thing, but history has shown that the obvious assumption isn’t always the right one. For instance, guy on the right side of a flat earth vs. round earth argument being the one to try blowing everyone up. So it’s entirely possible that daughter dearest thought the place wasn’t tidy enough, and made that point abundantly clear by…messing it up more.

We may not know that, but we do know that Braiden Lankford was charged with domestic battery and ordered not to have any contact with her mother, and that the aforementioned mother was not injured in the incident so should be ok to either clean things up or not bother because whatever.

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