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Last Updated on: 23rd April 2022, 08:31 pm

I totally identify with this song. I never thought I would like sushi, but slowly I started to realize that yup, I sure do. But Steve is not a fan. So if I want it, I just have to order one of those wee boxes. Or sometimes I go out with friends who like it. But then poor Steve doesn’t go, because we go to sushi places. We need to pick sushi places that have other stuff so Steve can come too.

I’m the weirdest with sushi. I like going with other people who know more of what they’re doing than I do. And I don’t like wasabi. So maybe I’m a mediocre sushi fan. I just can’t do the wasabi thing right. Maybe it’s because of the first time I tried it. I had no idea what it was, got a big ol’ glob, and…yeeeeeesh! Now I just avoid the stuff.

I’m also having another old person moment because I don’t know the song this one is parodying. When I finally hear it, I’ll go “Ooo! A parody of the sushi song!” Um…nope. I do know it will be in my head and make me think about sushi way too much.

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  1. Well, there’s always that great wall buffet that my grandpa likes. They have lots of other stuff.

    And speaking of grandfathers, I am an old person and have no idea what song that is supposed to be. Don’t feel bad.

    1. That sushi is less than awesome. Even the Nashville sushi where we had no idea which kind it was was better than Great Wall sushi. I didn’t think I was discerning at all…until I had some of theirs.

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