It Just Got Easier To Stay Positive, Dammit

All good things must come to an end, so they say. And so it is with my pandemic long streak of not having COVID.

Yup, I just tested positive.

Last night and today have been a little rough, I won’t lie. I spent them feeling like I felt when I got my shots, actually.

There are a couple of ways to look at that, I suppose. You could wonder how useful the vaccines really are and not be completely out of line, especially if you’ve had the virus and had no issues with it. But that’s not what I’m doing. For me, this just confirms that I did the right thing. If this is how I feel vaccinated, I can’t imagine what could have happened to me had I caught it earlier. Chances are it would have been much, much worse. I still absolutely recommend that you all go out and get your shots if you haven’t. It’s not too late, even if some of the big clinics are starting to close. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the people in your life who would like to keep having you in theirs.

At least I know how I caught it. I ended up in a situation where I couldn’t avoid spending time with people who had just spent a week on a cruise. I was worried leading up to it. The night before I had nightmares about it. But all of us had taken all the precautions we could have aside from the one where you don’t pay money to marinate in floating disease. I’m really trying not to judge people. These things are going to happen. But it would be a lie to say I’m not annoyed.

So far, Carin is fine. I hope she stays fine. She’s the one we’ve been most worried about throughout this whole thing. It would be pretty weird and a little bit hilarious if she somehow didn’t get it or didn’t know that she had.

As for me, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be fine. I already feel better now than I did earlier in the day. Who knows if that’ll hold, but I can hope.

For now, I think I’m going to order the garbage McDonald’s meal that seems to have become my COVID tradition and get used to laying even lower than usual.

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