My Hermit Status Is No More

Yup. I caught COVID. I started feeling symptoms on Friday, but the test came back negative. I think if I had just waited a couple more hours, the test would have been a screamin’ positive, because all I wanted to do was bundle up, and pray that the pain in my head would juuuust goooooo awaaaay! Then Saturday, I spent most of it sleeping. I think I might have been awake four hours of that whole 24. It was inhuman. Then Sunday, I tested, and there was no doubt about it. It was a definite positive. Also my throat hurt like hell and my voice sounded all squeaky and sad, and still does. But my headache was gone, and has stayed gone, thank god. That was bad news. I felt like someone put my head in a vice and started to slowly squeeeeze. Today, my throat still hurts, I’m kind of dizzy, and now, I wonder if all those toilet paper-buying crazies might have been on to something, because I have had to make a lot of trips to the john! Yuck! I mean, they bought way too much of the stuff, but a little extra couldn’t hurt. On top of that, I feel all unfocused and foggy.

But I’m still not too bad, and I shudder to think about what would have happened to me without the vaccines. COVID is a mean mean bug. Don’t get it. And if you have to get it, at least come to the fight armed.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re seemingly on the mend.
    A shame you didn’t get the version I had back in April. I had a tickly throat for a few days, along with a bit of a stuffy nose. That was literally the extent of it. A huge waste of sick time if you ask me, but at least I didn’t contaminate anyone else, got my Spring cleaning done, worked up my vegetable garden, organized the shed and got out my patio furniture, and took care of a few healthy glasses of spiced rum. To cap it all off, I did all that without showing up to the party “armed.”

    1. I’m glad you were lucky. Others, not so much. And some have found themselves unlucky the next time COVID pops up to say hello, because it can do that because it’s a bitch.

    2. I don’t know anything about the sick time policies where you work, but there are places I’ve heard about where if you do come to the party armed, you get to go back much more quickly than the people who don’t assuming you have no symptoms. So if you guys have something like that, congratulations on wasting your own sick days on stubbornness. Glad they were nice, at least.

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