We’re Back…I Think

Last Updated on: 7th July 2022, 04:16 pm

That sure was fun, huh? I mean not that anyone really reads the site at this time of year (big chunks of summer are seriously worse than Christmas around here), but for those of you who do, sorry we left like that. Believe me, it was not planned.

You’ve almost certainly noticed and perhaps even saw me mention a couple weeks back that we’ve been having a case of the wobbles lately. Well, at some point yesterday we downgraded from wobbly to dead. What basically happened is that things that are not our problem malfunctioned in such a way that they created something that was. Ironically the final straw issue turned out to be with a WordPress plugin designed to make things run faster and better, a fact which I can laugh about now that I have hopefully gotten it dealt with.

There may still be errors ahead. I haven’t seen any yet aside from the ones I was expecting, but the intermittent nature of whatever’s been going on makes that hard to predict. For the moment, though, I’m just glad we’re back and that I’m just barely smart enough to fix things myself.

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