Sapporo Japanese And Thai Restaurant

Last Updated on: 6th July 2022, 07:38 am

I like Gill’s goal of trying a new place and different food every month. Keeps things interesting and expands your horizons. I’m not sure I could do it, honestly. Not because I’m not open to trying new things, but because I like what I like and if I’m going to drag my ass outside and pay for the privilege of not cooking, I’m generally inclined to pick something I know isn’t going to irritate or disappoint me. The best way to get me to try something new is to drop me into a group of other people, but again we run into the problem of things that irritate and disappoint me.

Today I kept up with a new goal. I love different ethnic foods, and have set a little goal of trying a different kind of food at least once a month.

You might remember that last month I went to Afrolicious Ethnic African food and had lamb on skewers. Today I crossed the ocean while in my own city and went to Japan.

What Did I Have?

Although Sapporo is an All You Can Eat buffet restaurant, I chose from the regular menu and had a bento box.  For those not in the know, a bento box is the perfect blend of things for folks who don’t necessarily want one particular item, but like variety.

My meal started with miso soup, a broth with pieces of tofu in it.  I absolutely love it, and would eat an entire pot if they would let me.  Next came the box, and like when my mom would pack my lunch when I was a kid, this didn’t disappoint.  I ordered the Ruby Box.  The items in it were deep fried tofu, tempura vegetables, chicken teriyaki, rice, and salmon rolls.  It was filling, without being overwhelming.

Where Is It?

The restaurant is at 96 Main St. East in downtown Hamilton, in one of many strip malls that make up this neighborhood.  The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and just right for lively chat.

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