The Drunk Tank Was Cheaper, But Not Nearly As Roomy

I’m not sure I ever want to be this drunk. But staying in a hotel that could be mistaken for the Romanian presidential palace might be pretty ok.

Police said the Irish citizen jumped over a fence and escaped from the Defence and Protection Service after breaking a window to get into the palace.
The secure site is the second largest building in the world after the US Pentagon – and the bizarre breach has sparked a major security review.
The man managed to reach the third floor while drunkenly searching for his room before he was caught after fleeing.
After several hours sobering up he told cops he had been to a party in the city and mistook the palace for his hotel.
He didn’t remember exactly how he managed to break in.
An investigating source told The Irish Sun: “Palace of Parliament has protection systems developed by The Securitatae (the former secret police of Communist Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu).

“It is a mystery how this guy managed to get in.”

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