Hey Spotify, Do You Do Anything Everyone Else Doesn’t?

I’m not sure why I would ever use this because Siri on my iPhone and Google Assistant on my smart speaker already provide pretty much the same functionality without needing to open the app, but since I’m sure it’ll come in handy for somebody somewhere someday, it’s probably worth noting that Spotify has its own voice assistant. I have no idea how long it’s been there because Spotify’s app release notes are entirely worthless, but hey, now you know.

The article notes that beyond just searching for songs, artists or preexisting playlists with your voice, you can also ask it to play personalized mixes based on what mood you tell it you’re in and that it may or may not work. Well that does it. I’m sold.

I may give it a try just to say I’ve given it a try, but it’ll have to completely blow me away if they expect me to use it twice. I know nothing about Android phones so all of those people may be jumping up and down with excitement hearing this news, but to me this feels like a case of too little, too late on Spotify’s part.

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