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Last Updated on: 15th October 2022, 05:21 pm

So the municipal election is coming up soon. I’m a big loser and am writing this post now, as opposed to earlier so it could be more helpful. But I guess today is still an advance voting day, so if you like to vote in advance…run!

You can either vote today, or on Election day, October 24. Here is the page detailing where and how and all that fun stuff.

The one thing it doesn’t have is the look up your ward page. Also, I read somewhere, which I am struggling to track down, the lists of places where the accessible voting machines can be found. That first page listed them for the advance polls, and said that there will be one station in each ward that has them, but I am struggling to find that neat little link again.

Oh. Here is the neat little link, because when I think current election information, I think a plan that was written years ago. Seriously, guys. Make this more prominently available. I shouldn’t have to find a rusty and dusty accessibility plan. I should be able to find it in one of these “everything you need to know about voting” things that are everywhere. If I wasn’t stubborn as a bull, I might assume the machines had been discontinued, or get frustrated when the little paragraph about accessibility told me that one of the polling stations in each ward would have the equipment. And how, exactly, am I supposed to know which one? Can I have a link please? Thankfully it did get put on my voter card, but I had to scan that or have it read to me to determine that the stuff online was current as of this election.

So, if you’re sprinting out to the advance polling station, you will find accessible voting equipment there, no matter where you go. But if you’re voting on election day, check which location in your ward has the cool machines if you want to use them. There is one location in each ward.

Wish me luck on October 24. Hopefully the accessible machine at my station will work and people will know how to use it.

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