A New Reaction To Chain Reaction

For a little while there, the Game Show Network had episodes of Chain Reaction on after 5. I don’t know what it is about that show, but it’s addictive. You can get sucked in so easily.

I had to laugh at my scathing review of Chain Reaction from 13 years ago. I really had a hate on for that show. While I agree with my younger self that some of the teams look suuuuuuper out to lunch, especially back then, for some reason I now love yelling out suggestions of words at the struggling team as if they can hear me. I also think that although some of today’s teams are frustrating, they seem to have grasped the concept of the game a little more than the older teams. The other day, we saw some episodes from years gone by, and the game actually let people put up all the letters in a word before they guessed them. Way to serve up points on a plate. Sometimes, the host had to prompt the team member for an answer! Have they forgotten where they are?

I do have to give credit to the newer version of the show for helping me come up with a new phrase. One team had the word “genius”, and they were trying to complete the word below it. They had the letters “B” and “A” up on the board. And what did they come up with? Why, “Genius ball”, of course! What the heck is a genius ball? Is it a dance for smart people? Is it some sort of new sport that is still unknown? Do you buy genius balls at the snow shop? What is a genius ball? Of course, the correct answer was “genius bar”. So now, when I think someone has the answer right in front of them and they pick something ridiculous, I call them a genius ball!

I totally realize that if I was under pressure and trying to pick words, I might be the biggest genius ball of all. I can only hope not.

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  1. I wish I could go back and watch the old Geoff Edwards version that was on when we were young. I’m sure some of the contestants were stupid then too, but they seem so much worse to me now. I imagine most of this is because I’m much older and much better at the game than I was back then, but it would be a fun comparison. Plus I’d get to hear that sweet theme song again. It’s so much better than the modern one. It sounds like less than 0 thought went into that. If it doesn’t have a title, I suggest calling it Dylan Lame.

    As for you and your genius balls, I find it really hard to get supper ready when you’re in the living room constantly yelling “Ahh come on, ya genius ball!” or “Way to go, genius ball!” at the television.

  2. Watching a couple episodes right now and I found something new to get annoyed by. At the start of each one Dylan explains that the job of the contestants is to complete a “multi-part chain.” Aren’t all chains multi-part? That’s what makes a chain a chain, yes?

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