Cash Cab

Last Updated on: 12th November 2018, 09:06 am

I’ve now become addicted to a gameshow I’d never seen before. I was visiting someone, and they had Discovery Channel on, and this show called Cash Cab came on. Basically, this dude is driving around in acab, and people get in, and then they find out they’re on aTV quiz show. As they drive to their destination, they get asked general knowledge questions. If they answer them correctly, they win cash. If they answer 3 wrong, they get booted out of the cash cab. They can ask for help though. They can call someone, or ask a stranger on the street. If they make it to their destination, they can answer a final video question…but it’s double or nothing.

The great thing about this show is you never know which contestants are going to be dumbasses and which ones are going to be good. they all look drunk or crazy, but some of them manage to get some pretty serious dough.

They certainly beat the snot out of the teams I’ve seen playing the latest incarnation of the Chain Reaction game. Good lord some of those teams are so dumb that you can feel your own IQ dropping just watching them play. I remember there was one chain and there was the word “snow” followed by s h o. there was only one more letter needed in that word. What did the 3 ditzes come up with? “Shop!” Shop? Oh come on! What the hell’s a snow shop? I’ve never heard of a snow shop, have you?

In case you were wondering, the word was shoe, which I think was made obvious by the completed word below. God that show has gone to the dogs…or maybe the dops. I don’t know.

so watch Cash Cab. It’s fun. And stay away from Chain Reaction. You’ll feel dumb and want to hurt things.

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