Somebody’s Putting The Long In Long Beach

Yes, there’s the obvious meaning of the joke in the title. No, nobody in the video bothers mentioning whether or not the man cannon being utilized in full view of the hair salon was, in fact, long. But what was long, and also the reason why I really titled this the way I did, was the police response. It took them 40 minutes to bother showing up, by which point our hero had…well…cum and gone. That’s some fine police work there, lube.

A man in Long Beach, California, sat in a chair in front of a hair salon during business hours and masturbated as he looked through the window.
It took police 40 minutes to arrive, by which time the man had vacated the premises.
When the hair salon owner posted the video to social media, a nail salon responded and said the same man was spotted masturbating and looking through the nail salon window, too.

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