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Last Updated on: 24th March 2023, 01:45 pm

Voice dictation is a pretty amazing technological achievement. That it can take what we spew out of our mumbling mouths and turn much of it into accurate, readable text is really quite the thing. But it’s also a case of two things being true simultaneously, because let’s be honest, it kind of sucks shit. If you’re like me and try to correct its mistakes, you’re often not saving much time. And if you’re like most people and don’t bother, you wind up sounding like an unintelligible imbecile. And you don’t end up saving any time either, because if what you were trying to convey was important, now you have to make a phone call so you can explain it in your intended words. Touch typing nears irrelevancy as speech-to-text technology proves flawless—new paragraph

Speech-to-text (STT) programs have made great strides in recent years, to the extent of making touch typing irrelevant.
STT has vast applications for many demographics comma from university students to medical professionals to prominent text media sore says. Even this very article has been written entirely bye the flawless hand of advanced and upcoming computational linguistics technology period.
Recognized benefits of speech-to-text include ease of multitasking, time saved, and bjork orrrffsgff bark bork rbrrek Mr. Cheesers be quiet it’s not dinner time yet and quick document turn around period end paragraph save close document whatever nobody cares this is bullshit who even uses speech-to-text anyways.

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