I Finally Had Everybody’s Teeth Dream

It took me nearly 44 years of being alive and nine since writing this, but last night I finally had a my teeth are falling out dream. It wasn’t very exciting and technically the tooth didn’t fall out by itself, but it’s as close as I’ve gotten.

I was sitting at a table in either a house or a restaurant, I’m not certain which it was (What am I, some nimrod from a Pizza Hut commercial?). There were a bunch of people there, most of whom I didn’t recognize from real life. As I was eating, I noticed that one of my teeth near the back felt a little off. Without excusing myself, I just stuck my fingers right on in there, wiggled it, and pop, out it came. The strangest part was that nobody appeared to notice any of this, and that I was shockingly ok with it. In fact, it seemed to somehow immediately improve the positioning of a few of my weird ass teeth.

I woke up after that and almost forgot the whole thing. I didn’t even manage to tell Carin about it this morning. It only came back to me a few minutes ago while I was in the bathroom thinking about brushing my teeth, which are still weird ass.

I wonder if this is the only one of these I’ll ever have, or if now that the seal is broken the floodgates will have opened up and I’ll be doing it on the regular.

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