A List of Low Bandwidth, Easy To Read News Resources

Last Updated on: 5th April 2023, 04:33 pm

Since a lot of news websites are cluttered as hell, it can be hard to find and consume what you’re looking for. this is true if you’re blind like me and want to beat the shit out of the next video/ad/countdown timer that won’t stop interrupting the screen reader or bouncing it all over the place, or even if you’re just a normal person who would like to quickly find some news and needs to do so without using a lot of bandwidth. If either of those use cases sounds like you, then this list of text only and lightweight interfaces for popular sites might be what you need.

It’s pretty light on Canadian content (so far CBC and Radio Canada are the only ones listed), but there’s quite a bit to work with here. There are even a few minimal interfaces for places like Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

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