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Last Updated on: 16th April 2023, 09:24 am

Coming to you live from one of our nice lawn chairs that some dickhead pigeons have pecked the hell out of, it’s…a post about stuff! Yay!

Right now you’re all sharing my first nice weather beer of 2023 with me. Thank you for being here. It means the world. And before you ask, no, I don’t know how I managed to wait this whole awesome week to crack one. Somewhere along the way I became a model of discipline and restraint and didn’t even notice.

It strikes me as I sit here that I opened this blank document with no plans about what I would write beyond the beer thing. So…um…Hmmm…

Fuck pigeons, for a start. I don’t know why they started showing up here a couple of years ago, but now there are a few we can’t get rid of. Maybe somebody else was feeding them and along the way they discovered that our balcony was a fine source of nesting material thanks to the hair from when Carin would groom Tansy outside, but whatever happened, we’ve unwillingly become a Walmart for winged pricks. And now that there’s no longer a Tansy, they’ve switched from gathering up the super easy stuff to going after our convenient furniture. The lawn chair closest to the rail and another small chair in a similar position at the other end have both been attacked. It’s quite off pissing, not to mention an under-rated reason why it’s nice that Carin’s new dog will be here soon.

You know what? I really do not enjoy writing things on my phone. It takes forever and gives me headaches. I’m happy for those of you who feel so much more productive since smartphones came along, but even after more than a decade of using them, they’re still not for me. If I knew I wouldn’t miss all of the apps, I think I would happily switch back to T9. I was so much faster at that, even faster than I am with apps like FlickType.

Carin and I celebrated Christmas this week. She got me tickets to see Matt Andersen, and the show was on Thursday. It was our second time seeing him, and I can’t wait for the third. He’s so good, you guys. If you’ve heard him on the radio or Spotify or whatever and thought to yourself “hey, that sounds pretty nice,” you need to see a live show. Trust me, you’ll be a fan for life. He has such a great voice. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. It has all the power you could ever want, but when it needs to be, it’s so tender and emotional. His music grabs you and holds you, but it also has a way of letting you amble off to wherever your mind wants to go.

I also want to give a shoutout to the Hello Darlins, who opened the show. They have a simple sound that’s still somehow hard to pin down. It’s country, it’s folk, it’s blues, it’s a little bit of gospel. It’s familiar enough that when they start singing you momentarily think to yourself “I know this one!”, but at the same time, it’s new. We’ll be checking out their albums for sure.

I’ll leave things there for now. I’m going to relax out here and listen to the Jays, who will hopefully beat the historic Rays again. Enjoy this awesome weather while you can, if you’re getting it. This is April in Ontario. You can’t trust it.

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