Anything But Boring: Day 5

Last Updated on: 8th May 2023, 10:51 am

So this is interesting. I’m writing day 5’s entry on day 6 because day 5 was a total nut house.

I think I got a second person trailing me all day and his name was Murphy. Murphy’s law was in full effect today.

First off, I took the big boy out to relieve. I should have taken note that he never pooped at the end of the day before. I grabbed a poop bag out of the dispenser and waited for the stinky present. I got it. Then he peed and I thought I was good. Then he pooped again! Dammit! Bless him, he pooped in another good spot that allowed me to hippity hop back in the room and grab my phone and call up Aira to do the poop-scoutin’ boogie. Also I was running behind because again, I needed an early bathroom break. I made it to breakfast at what I thought was a reasonable time. Then I went back to my room to relieve the pooch and relieve myself. But I was in a bit of a hurry to get to the human potty. Remember how I said I’ve been walking around with a drool rag attached to me? You guessed it! Sploosh! It took a dip! It was super well attached so I had 0 chance of getting it off quickly. It was almost class time and I was panicking. I was just about to call the residence advisor for help when the instructor came asking what was up. I showed her and she helped me take it off.

We had our lectures and that was the usual. It was all about different things to know about working in buildings. Then we went out on routes and Murphy was definitely in attendance. We screwed up crossings. We screwed up curb approaches. If I could do it wrong, I did it. If there was a drinking game where every time my instructor said “Catch up to your elbow,” which means you’re too far behind your dog, you were to do a shot, you would be failing all the field sobriety tests before the morning was out. Don’t get me wrong. This is exactly what they’re supposed to do. It helps you be a strong team. It’s just frustrating to be reminded of how sloppy your handling has gotten. Also, I keep sliding my hand too far to the right on the handle. So they stuck this bright green vet wrap to the right side of the handle to remind me not to go there. We did everything wrong. We misread each other. We ran into things. There were a million dogs out and he was distracted. Then some dumbass with a known ferocious dog came right at us. Luckily, since we shoveled kibble into his mouth, he didn’t care about the dog. We eventually decided that I was better off with a shorter handle, and my shoulders don’t dip as much when I’m not stressed. We also noticed that when I get this little trot going while crossing streets, we stay closer to each other and our alignment stays straighter. I was a bit of a wreck at Jazzy Bagels. I said I can’t afford to have him veering all over the place without knowing when it will happen. She reassured me that we could solve this.

Next we headed back to the campus and went up a different path and somehow I rolled my ankle. Ouch youch youch!

As I was getting into the building, my instructor said she noticed I’d been late a couple times to classes and meals and wondered what they could do to help me keep time better. The only things I could think of were when I puked and when I dropped my drool rag in the john. Since I had a rough morning, I exploded and said a. I hadn’t been that late and B. it was for reasons I couldn’t help. And then I burst into spasms of tears because I remember the old GDB preparations for training letter saying something like “tardiness will not be tolerated.” After I told her what happened, she apologized and said it was no big deal. I know the schedule is tight, but holy crap! I didn’t know I was that problematic when I was 1 or 2 minutes late! At least the turkey sandwich was good even though it dripped on me.

The afternoon was a little better. We practiced working in buildings like department stores. It went rather well. My dog and I cruised down a few aisles. WE’RE GETTING TO THE STAGE WHERE WE CAN REALLY SEE WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

Then we came back to campus and we had supper, spaghetti and meatballs and a delicious brownie.

After, we took the dog to the free run and play, even though all he did was keep coming back to me for kibbles. Silly guy. I really wanted to see him run.

The last thing I did was do yoga and that felt good. The pooch slept peacefully in his crate while I was gone. I fell asleep and it wasn’t even done yet. Then I went back and read a bunch of the lectures in preparation for the next day. And that was day 5. What a beast of a day. Hoping tomorrow is better.

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