Anything But Boring: Day 6

Last Updated on: 8th May 2023, 10:51 am

I’m writing this after taking melatonin in an attempt to help me sleep. This might be a fail.

Today was a much better day. My dog and I rocked together as a team. Yea!

So I went to breakfast, and ran into a volunteer who won an award at a reunion I was at. I think I freaked him out because I recognized his name.

Breakfast was a frittata with a side of bacon and some fruit.

It was super hot today. The weather has been totally not rainy this class which is great, but today, the heat was nuts. So in order for us to get some routes in before it was too hot, we started off early and ran through an obstacle course. My beasty did pretty well. If there was a problem, it was kind of mine. We also went down a ton of stairs that went near the kennels. He got distracted, but I was able to manage him. Then we walked to Jazzy Bagel, and all my crossings were great. I made sure to do the same speed-up at each crossing and our line was great. At Jazzy, I sat in the sun, enjoyed an Italian soda and talked to the nurses. Then we came back to campus and had a delicious beef taco salad for lunch. Then we went out and did another route in the heat. We did super great! There was nothing crazy that happened! Then we headed back to campus and went over a whole bunch of lectures.

Just before dinner, we were going to practice putting on dog boots, but we discovered that my poor dog had very loose stools and I stepped in it and tracked it all over my room. Fail! So the resident advisor is going to be out with me while he relieves. Apparently, if he has a stressful day, this can happen. Poor guy.

After a supper of sweet and sour pork, 2 of us practiced putting on dog booties, and my dog just lay there when I put them on. They stayed on, even when the 2 dogs played together. Thankfully, all of my dog’s boots are the same size. Yea! Then the resident advisor helped me get out another mat. Combing out mats is hard. But he just laid there. After the final relieving, I went to the nurse’s office to ask about what I could do to make sure I don’t keep waking up at 4:00.

Tomorrow we’re going to a mall to do escalators among other things. And then we get to set goals for next week and learn how to get around campus. Woo! And after that, half of training is over!

So that’s today in a nutshell. And now the melatonin’s making it impossible to think so I’ll stop here.

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  1. If you find a good solution to prevent you from waking at 4 AM, please let us know (I’ve been searching for years). Falling asleep, no problem. *Staying* asleep is another story.

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