Sleep, Drink, Sleep Again

As far as I know, I have no plans to visit Japan anytime soon. But if that changes, I know exactly where I’m staying regardless of which part of the country I’m supposed to be in.

Located in Shizuoka City, The Villa & Barrel Lounge just opened up this summer. The company behind it, though, West Coast Brewing, had already established itself as one of Japan’s most popular craft brewing operations, and the hotel is located right across the street from the brewery. So with such a short distribution line, each of the hotel’s five rooms is equipped with its own beer tap and a supply of 10 liters (338 ounces) of West Coat Brewing’s beer per night, free, for guests to enjoy. What’s more, it’s a specially made brew exclusive to the hotel room taps, and not available anywhere else.

10 liters works out to more than 17 pints, or more than 28 cans of beer, which might be more than you and your traveling companions can consumer during the course of a night, Not to worry. Any leftover beer in your allotment is yours to take home with you provided you have a growler.

When you want to reserve a room (I started to write if but let’s be serious) you can do that here. Shockingly, there are no rooms available as I write this.

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