Mister Chicken Is the Best, Most Annoying Thing

Last Updated on: 30th July 2023, 03:31 pm

A while back, one of the nephews somehow came into a bit of his own money and decided he was going to buy himself a present. That present was a fair-sized and very loud rubber chicken from Canadian Tire. He named it Squawky, which no one who met him would argue was not a good choice.

Sadly, after only a few days in his forever home, poor old Squawky mysteriously disappeared. To my knowledge, he has not yet been located by either an adult having a weak moment or a child better at rooting up hidden treasure than that adult thinks. But should he ever return, I may offer to adopt him, because I kind of want to see if I can teach myself how to do…this.

And this.

And a bunch of these other things too.

I’m not an expert on the different sounds made by various brands of rubber chickens, but I’m pretty sure that our missing friend Squawky and the one in these videos have the same voice. Crap! Maybe it’s him!

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  1. I’ve been thinking that Mr. Chicken sounded a lot like good old Squawky Poopybutt Peterburg. I think that was the full name Seppa gave it. Maybe you’re right! It’s him!

    1. I think that’s right. I wanted to use it in the post but I couldn’t remember what came after Poopybutt.

      Did we ever figure out where the Peterburg part came from? I think I remember him talking about some kid named Jackson Peterburg and a ghost story.

      1. Yeah. Something about a kid afraid of monsters in his closet that would only come alive if he finished a scary story…at which point they would rip him limb from limb! Did someone revive one of the Brothers Grim to write that? Although I can’t find references to it anywhere.

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