The Sex Here Is Garbage

Last Updated on: 19th August 2023, 07:31 am

Peeping through windows at teenagers and a toddler whilst unloading the ‘ol pump-action shotgun is a pretty bad thing to get arrested for, but I’m more interested in what Greg Verellen was picked up for a few months before that.

According to Stratford police media relations officer Const. Darren Fischer, the two previous charges stem from a dumpster fire allegedly set by Verellen on the night of Jan. 19. Fischer said Verellen was caught on security camera reportedly setting the initial fire, which was quickly extinguished by Stratford firefighters. Then, after midnight on Jan. 20, Verellen returned to the dumpster and allegedly tried to reignite the fire before jumping inside and allegedly masturbating, all of which Fischer said was again captured on security camera.

I don’t always have the best memory, but I’m pretty sure that unrolling the hose in the middle of a literal dumpster fire is a new one around here.

Yes it was January so warmth may have been a factor and perhaps the meth he was busted with during his later arrest might provide us with a solid clue as to the thought process involved here, but wow.

I hope all concerned can get whatever help they’re likely to need.

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