Get Your Head Out Of Your Annus. And Everyone Else’s, Too

Last Updated on: 6th January 2024, 09:29 pm

File this one under close enough.

Sentenced to 10 and a half years in prison last year for the attempted rape of a boy under the age of 13 was Kristian Annus.

Not sure how he wound up looking the way he does in this mug shot, but you kind of hope it was a fuck around and find out type situation, don’t you?

A man facing the camera with significant injuries to his face. His left eye is swollen shut with bruising and cuts around it. There are multiple lacerations and abrasions across his forehead and cheek, with dried blood visible. His right eye appears less injured but still shows signs of bruising. He has a beard and is wearing a grey t-shirt.
Kristian Annus police photo.

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  1. I have something really special to show you that relates to this when I see you in February.

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