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Five people have been killed and 10 wounded in Gaza when a parachute on a humanitarian airdrop package failed to deploy properly and the parcel fell on them, a witness has said.
The casualties were taken to Gaza City’s Al-Shifa hospital, the emergency room’s head nurse, Mohammed al-Sheikh, said. The airdrop took place north of the coastal Al-Shati refugee camp, he added.
A witness from the camp said he and his brother had followed the parachuted aid in the hope of getting “a bag of flour”. “Then, all of a sudden, the parachute didn’t open and fell down like a rocket on the roof of one of the houses,” said Mohammed al-Ghoul.
“Ten minutes later I saw people transferring three martyrs and others injured, who were staying on the roof of the house where the aid packages fell,” he said.

Honest question to which I sadly think I know the answer: Israel is, eventually, going to be charged with war crimes, right? That’s not me endorsing Hamas or being antisemitic, it’s just a weird moral thing I have where it bothers me very much when someone responds to an awful thing by being even more awful. It shouldn’t be this hard to tell which side of a conflict is the terrorist group, and it shouldn’t be controversial to say that.

As for this specific story, I’m surprised it isn’t one we hear more. Is that because it doesn’t happen, because it isn’t usually covered when it does or because I just don’t see it?

Also, when I shared the article from my phone to my computer, the first option I saw was “AirDrop”, but I went with mail just to be safe.

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