Being Localized And Being Local Are Not The Same Thing

Last Updated on: 26th June 2024, 01:17 pm

If this is the future of radio, then maybe it’s time to shut the whole thing down. So much radio is unlistenable to me as it is precisely because it sounds so half assed, unprofessional and automated. There’s no humanity to it. If there are people at all, they’re presented in the form of lifeless, prerecorded voice-tracks, generally talking about nothing. But at least those people are people. This takes even that away, and for what? So companies that are already swimming in money can save a few more dollars? If you care so little about your stations that you’re willing to resort to this, sell them to someone who does and be done with it. Or better yet, give them away if they’re really that worthless.

And by the way, saying in one sentence that you can power a station completely with AI and then in another that this allows your station to be live and local is an insult to anyone who has ever done or enjoyed live, local radio. Get fucked with that nonsense, please. Real local radio is done by real human beings who live where they say they live, talking in real time to people who live there too. Even the best AI sludge in the world can’t and won’t change that.

Futuri is revolutionizing the audio industry with the launch of RadioGPT™ — the world’s first AI-driven localized radio content solution. RadioGPT™ combines the power of GPT-3 technology with Futuri’s AI-driven targeted story discovery and social content system, TopicPulse, as well as AI voice tech to provide an unmatched localized radio experience for any market, any format.
RadioGPT™ uses TopicPulse technology, which scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and 250k+ other sources of news and information, to identify which topics are trending in a local market. Then, using GPT-3 technology, RadioGPT™ creates a script for on-air use, and AI voices turn that script into compelling audio.
Stations can select from a variety of AI voices for single-, duo-, or trio-hosted shows, or train the AI with their existing personalities’ voices. Programming is available for individual dayparts, or Futuri’s RadioGPT™ can power the entire station. RadioGPT™ is available for all formats in a white-labeled fashion.
RadioGPT™ also generates social posts, blogs, and other content for digital platforms related to the content on the air in real-time. A TopicPulse Instant Video add-on creates AI-driven short videos on hot topics for social use. By adding on Futuri’s POST AI-enabled podcasting system, stations can take broadcast audio and immediately publish it on-demand with POST’s auto-publishing feature.
“As early AI innovators in the broadcast space, it’s only natural that we’re bringing the incredible power of GPT-3 technology, paired with groundbreaking technology like TopicPulse, to radio,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig. “The ability for broadcasters to use RadioGPT™ to localize their on-air content in a turnkey fashion opens up resources for them to deepen their important home-field advantages in new and unique ways. With RadioGPT™, the possibilities are endless. With RadioGPT™, there should never be a ‘liner card’ or ‘sweeper-only’ air shift again. Now everyone can be live and local.”
Beta partners for Futuri’s RadioGPT™ include Alpha Media in the United States and Rogers Sports & Media in Canada.

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