If A Blind Man Falls Over A Tree And There’s No Lawyer To File A Lawsuit, Will Anyone Hear Him Cry?

In case Nathan Reynolds finds this post, let me start it off by saying that I am blind. I see light, and blobs. I am short, so have not had lots of face to face meetings with trees, but the potential is there, that’s for sure. Steve, who also writes here, is blind, and is about a foot taller than me, so is more likely to kiss a tree-branch or six. Now, let’s get down to the story.

Nathan Reynolds decided he wanted some food at a Wienerschnitzel’s restaurant in Salt Lake City. A tree was growing diagonally, so wasn’t very cane-detectable because its roots were off the sidewalk. He hit it, and somehow, the impact knocked him down and gave him neck injuries. He’s suing.

Ok, exactly how fast was he going? When I have hit trees, I have never been knocked down by the tree, nor could I dream of how I would sustain a neck injury from the smack with the tree. The only thing that’s usually injured is my pride.

I think someone said there was a picture of the tree in the story. Could someone describe this person-killer to me? Does it look like it could knock someone down?

I can think of far more painful overhead obstacles and hazards than trees. What about signs that are suspended on posts that are skinny, so your cane doesn’t detect them, but your head sure does when you hit them? *Clang!* What about those centre pillars in doors? So the door opens, and you think you’ve cleared everything, but if you’re not careful, you give part of your body a good wack? Stuff happens, and we’re going to run into a couple things along the way. Why sue over it?

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