Now I’ve Got A Post About Trevor’s Little Song With Murray Foster

Yesterday I woke up with this

in my head, and realized that it could serve as an inspiration for a post.

A while ago, I heard about Trevor Strong, one of the Arrogant Worms, doing some stuff on his own. I heard a song, had a good chuckle, and then read that he was asking for support from fans to keep making funny songs.

I’m probably out of the loop, but I’d never heard of Patreon before this. Basically fans throw the artist a wee bit of money every time they make a song. In exchange, they get the songs before everybody else, and get little updates along the way. Plus they get to hear if their money let the artist buy new equipment or do other cool stuff.

There are levels of giving, each one gets you different stuff, and the donation just happens at the end of the month.

I decided to sign up, and it’s kinda neat. We’ve already used a couple songs as soundtracks for posts, and I got to hear them before they were out in the wild.

The song on this post was one he gave away for free, just because he was goofing around. But the way it invades my brain sometimes, I would have paid for it.

If you’re interested in supporting Trevor too, here’s his feed, complete with all the levels of support, and their hilarious names and descriptions. But you don’t have to pick one of those, you can pick anywhere in between.

And good luck getting that Murray Foster song out of your head. Mwha ha ha ha ha.

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