The WWE Network Is Finally Available On Bell

Update: If you’ve looked at the comments under this post, you’ve seen people complaining and rightfully so about the lack of on demand access given to Bell customers. As of this report last night, that’s no longer the case. I went just now to check it out for myself and there are now options for Bell listed on the providers page you need to use to activate the online part of the service. About friggin time, guys.

Original post: I’m astounded (not in a good way) that there was absolutely no press release or other sort of publicity for this, but as of February 25th, the WWE Network is finally available to Bell TV and Bell Fibe subscribers. You can find it on channel 1446.

That’s literally all I can tell you. I assume that the $11.99 price that everyone else is paying applies to Bell also, but who knows? Seriously, what a clown show this is.

But media company clown show or not, I whole heartedly recommend the Network itself. Even if you watch nothing but the monthly pay-per-views, you’re saving a fortune. But there’s also NXT which can be pretty amazing, the various features and documentaries that WWE usually does a great job on and what’s fast becoming my favourite thing, Throwback Thursday. An entire day filled with classic shows from WWF, NWA/WCW, World Class, Mid-South and other libraries they own that I’m probably forgetting? Yes please. And don’t forget that we have online access now, which means full on demand library as opposed to the considerably smaller one they’ve been offering on the TV service. If you like wrestling at all, it’s a great value.

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