Have A Look At Dictation Bridge

I’ve been hearing about a funding project for something called Dictation Bridge, which is supposed to make it so people using NVDA or whatever screen-reader can hear what they’re typing when using dictation software like Dragon. I thought it was a cool idea, and meant to send them some dough. Then they made a promo for how it worked, comparing it to how things currently work, and I really want to send them some dough. First, I didn’t realize that not even J-Say would do what they’re talking about, or maybe it does, but only for JAWS. Second, I assumed stupidly that if you were wearing headphones, the screen-reader noise wouldn’t get picked up by the dictation software. But maybe it somehow still gets it, and if so, gross! I can’t even imagine using dictation and a screen-reader in the current setup. Yuck!

Anyway, check out the promo, and if you feel so inclined, visit the site and maybe throw them some money…if you can figure out where to send it. For some reason I can’t understand, they didn’t post the donation link. As soon as I find it, I’ll include it here.

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