Insert Cockpit Joke Here

British Airways has suspended one of its pilots while it investigates several photos that appear to show said pilot working the wrong set of instruments.

The photos, allegedly showing Colin Glover wearing stockings while performing a sex act on himself in the cockpit, have led British Airways to temporarily relieve the experienced pilot of his duties, the International Business Times reported.
The 51-year-old pilot, who has worked for the airline for 26 years, denies that it is him in the images.

Multiple photographs show a man with his feet on the cockpit controls while others show a man exposing himself in the toilet and a pornographic magazine on the cockpit dashboard.

It’s not stated where the pictures may have come from or who is believed to have taken them, but if Glover did all of that himself he must be a talented fellow. There’s also no mention of a Co Pilot being present which makes me a touch skeptical, but I’ve seen enough references to it that I’m willing to go with it for now.

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