Hey Grandpa! I’m Up Here!

This is a neat idea. I hope they let him do it. It would certainly be a memorable way to see your loved ones as long as heights don’t freak you the hell out. Local tree service hoping to help people visit loved ones in facilities
JL’s Tree Service wants to use its aerial lift to put people outside the windows of loved ones at hospitals, long-term care and hospice facilities

A local business is offering what it hopes can be a unique solution for what can be heartbreaking times.
They don’t know if it will fly, they’re just trying to help.
JL’s Tree Service wants to use a boom lift to put people outside the windows of loved ones in long-term care, hospital and hospice facilities.
It would allow them some contact with a loved one, possibly ones near the end of life, and give them the chance to say the goodbye that many are being denied due to the current restrictions on visitation because of COVID-19.
“It’s a little far-fetched, but if it can help one person, then it’s worth trying,” said Joe Legate, who runs JL’s Tree Service with wife Jess.

The equipment is a self-propelled aerial lift. It has a bucket that is operated from ground level and can reach up to six storeys up.
The ‘visitor’ would be strapped in with a certified safety harness and not have to do anything other than go for a ride.
He likened it to children going for a ride in the bucket of a fire truck boom. There is room for a second person.
Legate said it is electric, thus quiet, built for awkward access locations and would be sanitized.

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