The Wheel Of Sloth!

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 09:29 am

For those of you too ignorant to realize that you should be listening to Edge 102 in the mornings, i’m going to do you the service of keeping you updated on a contest they have going on called The Edge Wheel Of Sloth. The idea being they get all kinds of people with nothing better to do to show up and participate in rediculous contests. If they get through the contest they are entered in a draw. The winner of this draw will win one year of free living. Their bills, their taxes, their groceries, their gas, EVERYTHING is paid for for one year.

Today’s contest was a thing of beauty. They had 4 people show up and told them that they would be riding the Yonge Street bus up and down Yonge in Toronto for 24 strait hours with no breaks to get off for any reason. For any of you who have ever ridden this bus you know it’s an unpleasant experience. In fact the name for this site came from that particular bus line as it is called the vomit comet.

One particularly poor man showed up at the studio with no bus fare to get on the bus. He had spent all the money he had (save for $1.50) on getting down to the studio. The bus costs $2.25 so Dean (the host) offered to give him the other $0.75 if he agreed to spend the entire 24 hours on the bus in just hix boxers. At first the guy said no but then Dean offered to give him 3 cookies also so he agreed stating that he hadn’t eaten since thanksgiving dinner and didn’t know when he’d be able to afford to eat again. Classy.

Long story short. they all completed the task but not without insident. The guy in the boxers was punched twice by other passengers for refusing to put pants on and one of the women spent a good 4 hours doing dry heeves and throwing up when she hit about hour 20. You can’t say they didn’t earn theiir shot I guess. Sounds like the guy in the boxers could sure use the chance to live free for a year. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

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