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Last Updated on: 4th July 2013, 09:12 am

Right now here in Canada one of the main stories making news involves a bunch of high ranking government officials taking trips on the dime of a wealthy business family named the Irvings. I know that the idea of politicians taking gifts from people and not wanting anybody to know about it is nothing new, but every time something like this happens or even looks like it has happened, our media and the opposing political parties feel the need to jump all over it. I’m not sure why they think that we, the public at large really give a good god damn but it never fails that whenever something is made public that looks even a little suspect, there they are. The media with their cameras microphones and production trucks and the opposition with their “we’re standing up for the interests of the people” line of horseshit all trying to get a little slice of each and every non-story. Problem is that nobody cares! We expect our politicians to be shady, it’s part of the system. It’d be great if they weren’t but it’s like that old saying goes, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, or something like that.

It almost seems like the news media and big government think we’re all stupid and can’t look out for ourselves and need to be told when something is bad. After all, we did put them there to look after our interests, right? But people can be pretty observant at times and we know when something stinks. Beyond that, most of us can tell the difference between a gift and a bribe and as long as the politicos can do the same, then please, for the love of all that’s good and just in this world, keep it off my TV! I don’t need to be told that the Prime Minister’s personal janitor once took a fishing trip with an oil executive, I’ve got bigger things to concern myself with.

And if the opposition parties think that anybody is dumb enough to buy their concern over what the governing party’s members are doing they’ve got another thing coming since pretty much every Canadian with a functioning brain knows that each and every one of the blowhards coming to our defence are no better than the people they’re railing against when it comes down to it.

I figure let them have their trips and let the corporations pay for them, that way at least they’re not doing it on our dime. And as long as that gift bribe line doesn’t get crossed, I see no problem with taking things from people who offer them. And if they do cross that line, voters know where the door is and we’d be more than happy to direct those responsible through it. That’s one of the beautiful things about this halfass democracy we live in, the ability to replace our current groupe of no-good criminals with a new group of no-good criminals.

I’ve got an idea that I think is really good and I think that those in power should seriously consider looking into it. Run the country. You’ve got provinces running deficits into the billions of dollars, the health care system is going to shit, our military has been reduced to 2 guys with a blow gun, and the list goes on and on. Why not fix it before you worry about who spent what time at who’s fishing camp? After all, we did put you in power to look after our interests, right?

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