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Last Updated on: 18th February 2021, 12:13 pm

Happy Monday to everybody. I hope you’re all having a good day, and I hope you’re keeping cool if it’s hot where you are. It’s hot here, that I know for sure.

Canadian weather is just fucking weird, there’s no other way to describe it. A few days ago we were treated to some beautiful late Summer temperatures during the day, and ones that were creeping down into the single digits at night. But now, just as I’d finally come to terms with the fact that Summer was over and in a few short months we’d all be up to our asses in snow, July comes back. I don’t get how that works, but I’ll take it, at least until everybody starts spreading colds around because the climate can’t make up its mind. Oh well, you have to take the good with the bad I suppose.

Like the title says, I’ve got no idea what to call this post. I would have called it Random Things, but Carin used something similar to that in her last post and I didn’t want to do that again so soon. But yeah, various directionless randomness lies ahead, so read on.

I’ve come across some great news stories in the last few days that I thought I’d share with you, so let’s start there.

Secretaries sacked after cyber brawl If you’re one of those people who doesn’t understand why such a big deal is made about what you do with your email during work hours, this should explain everything.

British Office Compiles List of Odd Names All I can say is I’m glad my folks liked me.

Note to aspiring criminals: When committing a robbery, it is generally wise to
leave the kids at home.

And before I get off of the news topic completely, I have a question. What exactly is the point of gun amnesty programs? If you don’t know what those are, they’re drives that the police put on now and then during which people are allowed to turn in any guns they have that might be illegal, with no questions asked. But the thing I don’t get, and the thing that nobody has ever been able to explain to me in a satisfactory way, is who exactly are these for? Who are the people turning in guns? They certainly aren’t criminals, and they surely aren’t collectors or hunters who have all of the required paperwork in order. Then again, even if any of them were, there’s no way to know that because nobody’s allowed to ask questions. But it’s pretty safe to assume, given the fact that gun crime never goes down in the wake of one of these exercises in time and money waste, that the people we really need to worry about aren’t the ones taking advantage of the generously offered grace period. All that this gun amnesty crap is is another way to create an illusion of public safety, and of making it appear that some progress is actually being made in the fight against unlawful firearms possessed by people with evil intentions. So to the police, I say this. Stop wasting everybody’s time. Stop pretending that the problem is going to solve itself by bringing itself to your front door. Get out on the streets and do what you’re supposed to be doing, tracking down the problem where it lives. It might be more dangerous than sitting behind a desk waiting for Cletus to turn in his air rifle, but believe me, the results will be far more beneficial to all of us.

Ok, on to something else now.

I’ve been meaning to post another edition of “You Are Here?” for the last little while, but a lack of time and a lack of quality material has made that not happen. But since everybody loves it and since I’m cramming a bunch of different things into the same post, here’s a small sampling of recent search terms that have gotten people here.

This one’s for Carin, just because I bet she’ll find it funny.

11 Sep, Sun, 22:21:02
richer lapointe moron

If you don’t remember what this is about,
click here
to read her post about him.

11 Sep, Sun, 11:36:52
MSN Search:
rate my vomit

I might be setting myself up for bad things here, but before I could do that, I’d kind of need to see it first. And by the way, how do you rate vomit anyway. By texture? By taste? And on a scale of what?

08 Sep, Thu, 20:34:56
i’ll crush your testicles

Now now now, just because I won’t rate your vomit sight unseen doesn’t mean you need to get nasty about it.

05 Sep, Mon, 19:26:10
oversized testacles

talked about the over-sized thing
before, though it wasn’t in a testicular context, so for the sake of space I dug that post up and I’ll let it say what needs to be said, unless what needs to be said is “why the fuck is somebody looking for over-sized testicles,” in which case it says everything but that. I think that sentence was far too long and not structured properly, but whatever.

A couple of quick plugs and then I’m out of here for now.

Salty Ham
has new forums as of yesterday, so feel free to check those out. For the most part they’re good people over there and we’d love for you to be one of them.

And since I don’t whore this out nearly enough, don’t forget to listen to my radio show on
tomorrow. I’m on from noon until 2 PM Eastern time. Not sure what we’ll be talking about, but I’m almost positive that some of it has appeared here on the sight in some form at some point.

I also want to make mention of the station’s new
You can access the last 31 days worth of station programming by clicking there, and you can do it for free. the system isn’t perfect yet as some bugs are still being worked out, but it’s pretty good and it’s pretty fast, so check it out. Remember, the station is open format so you’ll probably find something you like.

Have you had enough yet? Yeah, me too, so I’m gone for now. More to come later.

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