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Last Updated on: 17th September 2013, 08:22 pm

Over the last day or 2 in our apartment building they’ve been trying to fix some water damage that was caused when somebody’s pipe burst and flooded out a bunch of other apartments. Because of this, they keep turning our water on and off. I don’t mind that, because I know that they’re going to have to do that a few times to find the problem and fix it. What I do mind is what happens when they turn it back on. Thing is that since we’ve got no idea when they’re going to shut it off, we have no idea when they’re going to turn it back on either. So here’s what happens. Say I want to fill our water jug for the fridge or wash my hands. Both perfectly innocent activities I’m sure you’d agree. Now keep in mind that the water has been turned off previous to me deciding to do either of these things. While it’s been off, air has had time to build up inside the pipes, air that has to go somewhere when the force of the water trying to get through to me hits it. So where does it go you might be asking yourselves. Well, all over me, that’s where. What happens is that every time I turn on the taps now I always have to jump back a step to make sure that I’m not going to get hit by the giant wattery air bubble of certain death that splashes cold watter all over me. Here’s the rub, I never make it, because I always forget to move since I’m not used to having to get out of the way of flying cold water. I hope they fix things soon.

I just read about a study in the news that found that 66 percent of the time children don’t listen to their parents. I can’t say I’m surprised, especially if they studied parents who are like most of the ones I’ve seen. You know, the kind that will tell you that they’re only going to say something once but then yell at you for the same things over and over again, Or the kind that will tell you it’s not nice to hit other people while they’re hitting you. “DON’T! HIT! YOUR! LITTLE! BROTHER!” Kids aren’t disobedient, they’re just confused.

And while we’re talking about parents, how about the ones who have ever said something as stupid as “if you don’t quit crying, I’m going to give you something to cry about.”

Another thing I read in the news today was that they’ve cleared our Sea King helicopters to fly again. Now if you’re not up on the Canadian military’s fleet of world class choppers, they’re about 40 years old and you hear about one of them crashing about as frequently as you hear that rain is coming. There’s actually a joke floating around that the reason they call them Sea Kings is because they’re always Sea King The ground. One of those that you might have to read out loud a couple times before it makes sense. Anyway, back to my point. They’ve cleared them to fly again but one of the rules that has been set down is that they can’t conduct hovering drills over a non-paved area. That doesn’t make sense to me. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I know that if I was going to fall out of the sky it would probably be better to land on something soft rather than cement. Maybe that’s just me.

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