Pro Athletes Are Retarded

Last Updated on: 14th August 2013, 11:43 am

Well, I’ve heard 2 headlines in the last 2 days in the world of Pro-Sports, both of which leave me scratching my head. Let’s go in chronological order, shall we?

Two days ago Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez of the WORLD CHAMPION Florida Marlins filed for free agency. Now, that in itself isn’t insanely off the wall although regardless of situation, I don’t know why you would want to leave the defending champions when they are clearly one of the best young teams in baseball and they will only get better. But let’s rewind a little bit to the night that the Florida Marlins defeated the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, as this is why I must complain.

On that night they interviewed our friend, Mr. Rodriguez as is customary after the World Series. He obviously expressed his joy of winning a World Series and gave many thanks and props to many people. He then made a comment which really spoke to me, not just because it exuded such confidence, but because it made me think to myself ‘now there’s a guy that thinks a lot of his team mates’. Rodriguez stated that if the team of young players is kept together it will be a great team contending for the World Series for at least the next decade. He said that they WOULD become the New York Yankees of the National League if they were all kept together. And at the time, it was hard to disagree. They had one of the best young pitchers in the world and a slew of young talent that now had tasted winning, and new what it would take to do it again.


This guy went out and made a bold statement about how great his team mates are and the organization is and STATED CLEARLY they would be World Series Contenders for years to come with this group. Then a month later he’s just gonna leave.

It might just be me but no matter what happens now, he looks like a complete moron and for two possible reasons.

1. Maybe he didn’t really mean what he said about the team and the organization and doesn’t believe they will be contenders for years to come. That’s fine. DON’T SAY IT ON THE LARGEST BASEBALL BROADCAST OF THE YEAR! Now when you go and leave you stupid. That’s it. You said you believe this is one of the best teams in baseball, so now you’re leaving one of the best teams in baseball. That just looks stupid. If he hadn’t said that during his interview and now left, it wouldn’t look so bad because you never said all these things. You’re free to go. But you did say them and now you look stupid because in the media’s and fan’s eyes you’re just stupid because you’re leaving something you’ve said is so great.

2. He really is just an idiot. He said it, meant it and is just too stupid to realize he doesn’t HAVE to leave. it’s his option. He can stay. So, that’s possible. He genuinely is just stupid. If that’s the case then you can’t really be mad, just kinda feel sorry for him.

The second headline is that today Steve Thomas has signed on with the Detroit Red Wings. Now let’s recap last spring. Normally people go to Detroit for a chance to win. Last year in the FIRST ROUND of the playoffs the Detroit Red Wings got their faces smashed in 4 games strait and went home early. Upon closer examination you will notice that Steve Thomas wasn’t watching the Wings get spanked from a far. Oh no. He was on the team so readily handing the Wings their own asses in such convincing fashion. This begs the question. Why? The wings have a tendency to do this stuff. So they’ve got a lot of talent. Big deal. Last year within the first 2 rounds of the playoffs Detroit, Colorado, Dallas, Toronto and Philadelphia were all gone. The two conference finals were Ottawa/Jersey and Ducks/Wild. Where’s the big money there? Where’s DETROIT? It’s time that these players stop believing that which ever owner has the biggest wallet will win the cup. Especially when only months before you were a part of easily slapping 2 of these “big money” teams right in the face and saying “piss off, moneybags.”. We’ll see how Mr Thomas does in Detroit? I wonder if he consulted his friend Curtis Joseph on how much of a guaruntee going to Detroit for a cup really is.

Later, y’all.

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