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This is a conversation I just had MSN not more than 15 minutes ago….
me for president says: what will you be babbling about today on the ol’ vomitcomet?

matt says: probably how complete strangers add me to msn to ask me stupid questions.

me for president says: that wasn’t very funny. i hope you’re more funny on your page.

matt says: i’ll try my hardest just for you, you creepy little stranger.

me for president says: i’m not a stranger at least your not a stranger i read you all the time on your blog but lately you and steve have bothsucked and been boring get better and fix it

matt says: some punctuation probably would have helped in there somewhere.

me for president says: w/e. you guys used to be cool but not anymore

me for president says: now all you do is talk about hockey and stuff that no one cares about

matt says: we’re from canada dude and so are most of the people that read us… and the rest don’t complain like whiney bitches with skinned knees

me for president says: what difference does it make where your from bitch?

matt says: oh man… are we done? normally i only tollerate stupidity like that from people i know, and you don’t drop in to that category.

me for president says: thank god

matt says: indeed

me for president says: start being cool again or i won’t read your guys stuff no more

matt says: well. it’s obvious you want to like us… so that’s always good. i’ll work on “being cool” but i haven’t mastered in the first 20 years of my life, not much hope for the next 20. sometimes the truth hurts. we’re just not cool enough for you.

me for president says: no kidding

matt says: if you’ll excuse me, i can think of much easier and less irritating ways to waste my time than by having this conversation..

(me for president has been blocked)
Now don’t ask me if there was actually a point that this guy had for adding me because I didn’t really see one unless he really did have nothing better to do than to tell me to “get cool again”. I mean a simple drop on the comment board or an e-mail would have sufficed… but to each his own I suppose.

I didn’t post the conversation I had yesterday where another total stranger added me and simply said “scarey movie licked horse balls and so do you” and then blocked me again. Surely you people have better things to do than criticize someone elses opinion with crude name calling. I mean to debate over the movie bringing decent points to the table is one thing… but to simply express that someone enjoys animal reproductive organs as an arguement is somewhat stupid and doesn’t leave much reason to respect the person voicing these opinions.

I guess there really was no reason for the post other than for my own amusement. And really, that’s what this page is all about. But you can all know this. While I’m more than willing to sit and debate and have a conversation over how good a movie was or how bad a cd or song was, I find those of you who do nothing more than write to say “you suck” to be amusing and don’t give it another thought. Go back out for recess kiddies. For the rest of you who seem to bring decent points to the table, continue to do so as it’s always great to get some feedback whether it agrees or disagrees with my own opinion.

I’m out……… FOR NOW!

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