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Last Updated on: 14th November 2013, 10:48 am

Well it’s a sad day for me. It’s the last Joe Shmoe Update. Gotta say that in the last little while that there hasn’t been many shows that I considered “can’t miss”. At one point Raw was can’t miss but lately I don’t seem to mind so much. I can’t think of anything that I’ve considered to be a can’t miss since Game 7 Leafs/Flyers back in the spring. Joe Shmoe though was can’t miss tv for me. It was something new that we had never seen before and I couldn’t help but be drawn toit. Enough with the sappy shit though, let’s see what happened.

After hyping all week for us not to miss the first 15 minutes I took special care to be there FIVE MINUTES EARLY! What do I find? I find that the first TWENTY-THREE minutes are all recap of the big events of the entire season. Normally that would not bother me at all as it was pretty much to be expected but don’t plug the show like we’ll miss the climax if we miss the first 15. Anywho…

The former house guests all vote and it turns out that the final vote comes down to Dr Pat and she votes for The Hutch making him the winner. They do the big celebratory scene with music and stuff until the host gets a phone call that says there is a major problem and they go to commercial. They say that someone is not who they say that they are. Hutch admits that he indeed is not The Hutch. He is an actor but then accuses of Kip of being an actor too which he admits. Eventually they all come out and admit to being actors as a look of combined horror and confusion goes across Matt’s face. He begins to almost laugh in stunned disbelief but then turns to Bryan, his ‘best friend”. this was the only part of the show where he actually looked like he could really flip out and poeple seemed nervous. He was literally yelling at Bryan to tell him if he too was an actor or not after the two having gotten so close. Bryan finally admits it and Matt strings out a string of profanities.

The host explains everything to him and you can actually see him trying to take it all in that EVERYTHING he’s gone through wasn’t real. He has a million questions and all the actors start introducing themselves to him. Matt gets the line of the night when he looks at Kip and says “Dude, tell me your at least gay!” which of course was not true. But Matt loves him anyway, that’s great.

They give Matt the hundred thousand and all the other prises that the “house guests” acquired throughout the show for his trouble! That’s nice of them. They keep telling him that they’ve done it all for him when really they’ve fucked with him for money and ratings. But he buys it so its cool.

This wouldn’t have worked so well with anyone else. Matt was just that kind of trusting guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. it could have turned out real ugly with anyone else finding out that they’ve been fucking with him for so long but he laughs at off and boy does he stilll want a piece of Molly.

they follow this up with a one hour interview with Matt done a while after the show to get his prospective on everything. It’s an interesting watch but I won’t explain it all here. They show him all kinds of different things from the show and ask him what was going through his head at the time. it’s really interesting and I’m sure it will be shown a million times on Spike TV in the next little while. Check it out.

Now I have to find something else to become infatuated with. Any ideas?

One last note. there are some new links up over on the right side. Check them out. There’s some good stuff.

Later, y’all.

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