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Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 03:40 pm

As a public service to people like Me For President and The Cracker Tool who don’t seem to get it, I thought I would post a short email exchange I just had with somebody who visited the site. His message is in italics, hope I spelled that right, and mine is in the plain old usual posting colours.

“i like your posts and rather enjoyed your web page, but i hate the name.
i don’t think it becomes you nor your obvious intelligence.

Bud Keith”

Here’s what I wrote back.

“Thanks, glad you like the site. But I didn’t name it, the other person who
writes on the site did. He named it after one of the biggest public transit
busses in our area. It’s a pretty apt name for that bus, and some of the
things written on the site by both of us make it a pretty apt name for the
site too. And in talking to some people, they said that the name was eye
catching and that’s why they clicked on it in the first place. To each
their own and I appreciate you taking the time to not only check out the
site, but email about it. I hope you’ll keep reading, even if you’re not a
fan of the name.


The point I’m trying to make here is this. It’s not hard to be nice, and it gets you a lot further than being an idiot does. I think I can speak for Matt here when I say that neither of us mind constructive criticism or negative feedback as long as you take the high road and present it the right way. In short, if you’re nice to us while pointing out your problem, we’ll be nice to you. Mentioning our obvious intelligence doesn’t hurt either.

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