The One Where I Tell You To Vote And Then Ramble About Other Things For A While

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2023, 12:52 pm

I’ll warn you right off the top that this post might be even more disjointed and sucky than usual. I’m a bit distracted by the pain in my right foot and it’s making me cranky. The thing hates me, but if I were it and I’d been injured so many times by me, I’d probably hate me too. I wish I’d kept a log from the first time I hurt it when I was 8 or 9 up to now so I could see exactly how much I’ve put it through. I think it would be a little bit fascinating. It’s kind of scary that I’ve done so much to it that I can’t remember it all off the top of my head, isn’t it? Usually hurting something that effects you that much is memorable, but perhaps after a certain number you just stop counting and forget about it all because it’s too much to remember and maybe even a little bit routine…at least until the next thing happens to it. It’s anything but routine in the moment, I assure you.

So what sort of heinous and horrible things did I do to it today, you ask. Well…I walked on it. Seriously, that’s all it takes some days. I like long walks but it doesn’t, and there seems to be no room for agreeing to disagree. I often need to walk to get around, and since its entire purpose in life is to serve as my right leg, it has no choice but to come along every time. For now I can take it, but with each passing year it gets a little worse. Man, getting old is gonna blow.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in lovely Guelph. A perfect day to get out and vote in the Ontario election if you haven’t already done so. Carin and I did that this morning so that we could take advantage of the audio voting system that she’s posted about here. If you want all of the info on that stuff, check the elections tag. Everything you need should be there. If you want to audio vote or sip and puff or any of the other options they have, you only have until the end of tomorrow to do it. For reasons nobody will ever get me to understand, these things are not available on election day proper, nor were they around for the regular advance polls. You have to find your returning office and vote there. I’d love to see them try pulling that stunt with pencils. If you’re in Guelph, the address is 292 Speedvale Avenue West, unit 1. It’s in the plaza near the Speedvale and Silvercreek intersection. If you’re anywhere else, the Elections Ontario site or 1-888-ONT-VOTE can help you find where you’re supposed to go. Please, go there and use this stuff if you need it. I can tell you with certainty that they’re keeping track of how well used it is. Every vote cast using these machines really is a vote for justifying their existence. It shouldn’t have to be that way (see pencils, pulling that stunt with), but until a whole lot of attitudes change for the better, that’s how it’s going to be.

Carin and I had a very nice trip to Ottawa this weekend. I could have done without spending the better part of Friday and Sunday on buses since I really don’t travel well, but the between time was great. We got to catch up with some old friends and even meet a couple of online ones in person. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the folks in the latter camp, but for some reason they liked us enough to not let us pay for breakfast. Thanks again, guys. We’ll be happy to return the favour any time. And thanks to the old friends for everything. Twas a great weekend, and trust me, never again will I make the mistake of calling your apple cinnamon coffee bread cinnamon coffee bread. I meant neither to underestimate or offend it. It was a lovely creation, and I deeply apologize to it.

For those of you who care about such things, I’m still tied for the lead in the PWInsider pay-per-view pick ’em contest. I’m tied with a different person, but still tied. I can’t seem to get first place all to myself, but honestly I’m just happy I’m a contender with only 3 shows to go.

Since I’m insane, I’m thinking about signing up for the TNA/ROH version they’re going to run. Yes, you read that correctly. These people are going to try to make figuring out TNA a thing. I figure what can it hurt? If I’m going to watch the shit anyway I might as well try getting some found money out of it.

On the subject of wrestling since I don’t talk much about it anymore, Mark Henry is awesome lately. Somehow, after 15 years, WWE has finally figured out how to present him. Slowly but surely they’re turning him into one of the only believable characters in the company. The more they let him mow through people and bust things up, the more it feels like indeed, this fellow could and would kick the living hell out of me if given the chance. Wrestling needs more of that sort of thing if it wants to keep people interested and paying.

One more thing before I get out of here. I think I may have mentioned this on one of the recent audios we did, but why are we in such a hurry to get rid of summer and bring on Christmas this year? Seriously, we didn’t even make it through Labour Day before people were putting summer in the ground and talking about how there were only a hundred and whatever days to Christmas. Listen, people. I’m going to say this as nicely as I can. Fuck the fuck off with that, you irritating sonsofbitches! We shouldn’t be hearing a peep about Christmas from absolutely anyone until the staying type of snow is on the ground or December starts, whichever comes first. Feel free to start your shopping before then if you’d like, that’s fine. It never hurts to beat the crowds and it’s nice to not have to do it all at once. But please, keep it to yourself. Some of us really can’t stand winter and are beginning to feel similarly about Christmas, and you’re not helping.

I hate to end things on kind of a downer, so I’ll leave you with this instead.

What’s the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?
Bad golfer: *Whack* “Aww shit!
Bad skydiver: “Aww shit!” *Whack*

Ahh, much better.

Enjoy today’s baseball if that’s your thing. I personally can’t wait to watch what I hope will be the first round end of the Yankees. Between that and Boston not making it at all, there might be enough happiness to make me like Christmas again.

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