Merry Christmas From The Comet

Last Updated on: 16th September 2013, 12:32 pm

Just a quick note to say merry christmas to those of you who care to be wished merry Christmas. However you’re spending your holidays, I hope they’re as safe and as happy as possible. Also remember that this note comes from me and me alone. Matt is perfectly capable of wishing you good tidings on his own time and if he doesn’t, keep in mind that it’s most likely because he hates you all and doesn’t give a shit about you or your holidays, or maybe he’s busy or something and just doesn’t have time. My guess would be a little of both. Merry Christmas to Matt too though, in spite of all the infighting and the fact that he’s responsible for most of it, he’s still a pretty good guy.

Before I get out of here I’d just like to remind you not to drink and drive. Drink first, then drive. Doing the 2 at the same time is just too damned hard.

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