Unfair Yankee Bashing???

Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 04:01 pm

Good Monday Morning to you All
Well I apologize for my absense and inability to defend myself on the comment boards over the last few days. I was out of town at a training camp preparing for a tournament. I can barely move my legs today. It’s a great feeling, let me tell ya. Let’s get to why I posted this.

On the comment board we’ve had some unfair Yankee bashing. Some by people who claim to know it all, and some from others who have simply been given incorrect information. Let’s take a look. First… original comment.

Seeing that ESPN has been having ad campaigns for hockey, I noticed one of them this week.
‘Made in America…the Original game…the NHL on ESPN’.
As a Canadian, that pisses me off, but I do understand of how it’s not accepted very good down there. They say that ‘original game’ is played indoors in an arena somewhere south. Oh well.
But, point is, the game is ‘original’ as it’s played on any backyard rink.
Nick | 01.17.04 – 4:00 pm |

I must respond.

Well let’s clear this up first. I’m gonna correct Nick. While I’m usually the first to jump on a bandwagon to bash American arrogance, it’s not fair this time. I don’t know how many of you have seen the ad and how mahy are just taking Nick’s word for it but he is relaying the information improperly.

The ad’s concerning “the original” and “An American Tradition” are put on ESPN/ABC’s joint broadcasts as they were the first American Network(s) to pick up the NHL and run with it as a regular deal and take it seriously making weekly game nights and things like that. Since then, FOX and some other networks have picked it up and done bits with it but nothing like ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC have done. (I group them together because they have partnered and do symulcasts).

The ad’s are based on ABC/ESPN being the original Americans to pick up the game… not on the game itself being American.

It’s not a big deal. I just want to make sure that we’re bashing them for the right reason. ESPN hasn’t claimed the game to be their own, simply the tradition of broadcasting it seriously and full-heartedly in the USA to be theirs. They’ve pushed hockey hard when many wouldn’t and I don’t have a problem at all with these ads and the claims they make…. mainly because they’re completely true.

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