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Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 09:17 am

Lately on the comment boards there has been a lot of activity, a lot of which has involved a mysterious guy by the name of Gee. I’m sure that a lot of you have your thoughts on who he is and I think it may have even been mentioned once or twice on the boards before but now I’m here to prove it. So now, once and for all proof that Gee = Nick. Observe.

This morning when I got out of bed and turned on the computer I swung by the site here to check on the comment boards as I normally do but on this day I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to find. Under Matt’s post about the boy with the new arm penis I found the following new comments. First I present you with this. Pay special attention to who is doing the talking here and then look long and hard at the name and date stamp at the end and see who is supposed to have written it.

Gee, come on, now. Stick to the subject. It’s about creating a new body part and such. Gee, stop reading between the lines. Matt didn’t put it there just so he can feel good about himself for putting it there. You just want to create contraversy here. Matt didn’t do that because of him being gay. Gee, just so you know, back when you tried to take Joe and I out from that ‘organization’, you didn’t finish the job. We’re still here.
Gee | 02.11.04 – 1:59 am |

That’s funny because I know a writing style when I see one and that was undoubtedly Nick. And if the writing isn’t enough I want to mention that I’m well aware of who Joe is, and he’s somebody very close to Nick. And don’t forget that Gee never uses the word “I” at any time. But yet somehow Gee is supposed to have written that as a threat to himself? Methinks that something doth smell rotten in Denmark. But wait, this gets better. Again, pay special attention to the style in which the comment is written and then even closer attention to the posting name at the end.

That was Gee (that’s me) who accidently had made a fool of himself. The thing is, Nick and Gee are close friends. Nick pulled one out on Gee, making him look like a fool.
And, in conclusion, I made Gee look so foolish that in this instance, Gee can be controlled.
nick | 02.11.04 – 2:02 am |

So our hero, realizing that he’s just profoundly fucked up 3 minutes earlier tries to make things right but ends up fucking up again, and doing so twice I might add. Notice that he started off in full on Gee mode and then switched back to Nick again right at the end. Now if that doesn’t scream Nick trying to work the boards then I’m not really sure what does. But now watch as he finally gets his shit together, well almost together anyway. At 2:04 AM, Gee finally returns to write as himself, or does he?

Nick, so what if you had decided to pull a fast one on Gee…typing as if you were Gee all along?
Now, one thing that won’t happen, is that THIS ISN’T THAT ‘ORGANIZATION’. I haven’t finished the job? Well, Nick. You’ve just asked for it.
Go Gee Go
GEe | 02.11.04 – 2:04 am |

Um…why is Gee’s name suddenly spelled wrong? I think we all know why but just in case we don’t, I’ll explain something to you. Our commenting system remembers who you are so you don’t have to keep filling in your information every time you want to say something. A handy little feature, one that I quite appreciate. And given the fact that Nick and Gee are supposed to be entirely different people it makes no sense that A they would post as each other by coincidence and B that Gee’s name would suddenly have capital letters in the wrong place at the exact moment that Nick realized just how deep he’d dug the fucking grave I’m tossing him in right now.

So I guess all that’s left to say now is go Gee go, and take that fucking idiot Nick with you.

Ok, smart people of the comment boards unite, and have a blast, I think you all know what to do here.

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