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Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 09:14 am

Back on Monday when I posted to say sorry for not updating the site in like 4 days I encouraged you all to yell at Matt and I for slacking off so much and said that I would take the best comment or comments and post them on the main page. Well, a few of you took part and since the activity in that thread seems to be dead now I figure it’s time to announce the winner. One problem, nobody wins. Don’t get me wrong, some of the comments were pretty entertaining but the problem is that instead of letting Matt and I have it, some of our loyal Vomiteers decided to turn on each other. Imagine that, people posting on our boards not getting along with each other, seems almost unthinkable but it does happen now and then.

So what to do? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve come up with a way for somebody to win this contest by starting another one. The person who posts the best translation of the following will win. The rules are simple, tell me what in the hell all of this is supposed to mean and get your name mentioned and your comment posted. Be creative, be funny, be whatever, just catch my attention and make me want to post what you wrote over anybody else’s entry. Just know that even if you don’t win I have the deepest respect for anybody who can make sense out of this.

Well, not laziness, as you say, A-Time. But just a lack of ideas or things to post up.
Although, I’ll agree with you halfway that he was lazy to post up random topics that doesn’t contain a subject, but for people to comment on.
Anyways, I’m done.
Nick | 03.01.04 – 4:15 pm |

There are a couple of things that confuse me about this comment. First, how can random topics have no subject when they are topics and topic is another word for subject? I’m not even going to get into the fact that even stream of conciousness writing has a subject, sometimes many of them. Any piece of writing, no matter what it is has to have a subject, it is impossible to write about nothing without just smashing random letters and posting whatever they end up with, a technique seemingly employed by some of the people who comment here. Second, how can somebody slag a person for putting up posts with more than 1 topic in them but then in the same breath say that that person has no ideas for material to post? And finally, who exactly is the comment directed at? Matt and I have both put more than 1 topic in a single post, sometimes it just works better. Who exactly is the lazy person who isn’t actually lazy?

Ok loyal readers, explain that!

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