And The Winner Is…

Last Updated on: 26th March 2018, 06:21 pm

A few days ago I asked if somebody could make any sense out of the following comment.

Well, not laziness, as you say, A-Time. But just a lack of ideas or things to post up.
Although, I’ll agree with you halfway that he was lazy to post up random topics that doesn’t contain a subject, but for people to comment on.
Anyways, I’m done.
Nick | 03.01.04 – 4:15 pm |

Well, a few entries were posted to the comment board and now it’s time for me to pick a winner. It wasn’t easy, some of the stuff you guys came up with was pretty good but since nobody won the last contest, which is the only reason we ended up having this one in the first place, I have to pick a winner for this one.

The entries ranged from serious attempts to explain what the hell he was trying to say to full on venomous hatred, but the winner fits into neither category, the winning entry just cracked me up because it was creative and the person who didn’t put his or her name on it should be proud. So here it is, your winning entry in the first ever Vomit Comet comment translation showdown.

??????, ?? ????, ??? ?? ????????, ” ????? “. ?? ?????? ?????????? ???? ??? ?????, ????? ????????(????????? ?? ?????
????, ? ????????? ? ???? ?? ???????, ??? ?? ??? ?????, ????? ?&
Anonymous | 03.03.04 – 9:33 pm |

Congratulations Anonymous on your great victory. You are the champions, my friend.

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